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Custom from creation to application.

All Upper Body Piercing needs (18 and over)

Coming Soon

Teaching the fundamentals of Tattooing from the Studio's founding artists, sharing  over 30 years of combined experience and knowledge.


Our Work

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The Cobra Monkey Story

Once upon a time, there was an Artmaster, The Artmaster had some secrets about the ancient Artform of tattooing. Along his travels he came across a very curious Cobra, the Artmaster saw the Cobra was very keen to learn his secrets, the Cobra one day gained the trust of the Artmaster, the Artmaster shared the secrets with the Cobra.

The Artmaster warned the secrets will be wanted by many others so be wary to whom they are shared. One day a Monkey was seen by the Cobra to be a great artist and the Cobra offered to share the secrets with the Monkey. The Monkey travelled the world with the secrets.

The Cobra waited patiently for the Monkey to return. On the Monkeys return, the monkey had some secrets of his own. He shared them with the Cobra. Under the spell of the Artmaster, they morphed and worked together with the sacred secrets and became...

The Great Cobra Monkey Tattoo Emporium

The Artists


The Cobra

Terry 'Cobra' Coker has been tattooing for over 20 years and in the time owned, managed and worked at 4 Tattoo studios in London & Essex.

An experienced and versatile artist in all aspects of Tattooing.


The Monkey

Adam 'Cheeky Monkey' Edwards was trained by Terry and has been working as a tattoo artist for 14 years, spending 7 of in those in  Brazil at one of Rio De Janeiro's top Studios.

An award-winning artist, he specialises in Photo Realism.


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Romford, England     RM1 3EE

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